Vegetable Oil Alternatives to Dramatically Reduce Fat in Baking Recipes

If you love baking but you don’t like the fat in your favorite treats, you can make your recipes dramatically healthier and reduce the amount of fat that you are consuming when you indulge in yummy desserts at home.

Check out the vegetable oil alternatives below. Start using these whenever a recipe calls for vegetable oil so you can get some extra nutrients easily and keep your weight in check at the same time.

Plain Greek Yogurt
Plain Greek yogurt or regular non-fat yogurt (plant-based or dairy based) can be a great alternative to vegetable oil in baked recipes. Stick with an unsweetened yogurt so that it will not alter the flavor of your recipe and so it won’t add extra sugar either. Use only 75% of the yogurt, though. So, for example, you would use ¾ cup of yogurt to replace a cup of vegetable oil.

Pumpkin Puree
Another option you can use to replace vegetable oil is canned pureed pumpkin. You can reduce the fat in your baked goods and add some nutrients at the same time. Use ¾ pumpkin for the amount of vegetable oil required. If the batter appears too dry, just add more.

Mashed Fruits
Mashed fruits, such as bananas and pineapple, are also often used by vegans in order to replace eggs in their favorite baked recipes. You can mash or puree fruit and use it to replace unhealthy vegetable oil, too, and it is really easy to do so because the ratio of oil to fruit is 1:1. So if you need a tablespoon of vegetable oil, for example, you can add a tablespoon of banana puree instead. Other fruits that serve as great vegetable oil alternatives include apples, prunes, peaches, apricots, and pears.

To reduce fat in baked foods, unsweetened applesauce is often used. For each cup of vegetable oil in the recipe, use ¾ cup of applesauce. Like pureed or mashed fruits, this is one of the easiest vegetable oil alternatives to find and use.

When it comes to alternatives to vegetable oil in baked recipes, you have several great options to choose from that will make your treats healthier and more nutritious. Give the above ideas a try and see which ones you like best. And, in addition to replacing the vegetable oil ingredient, you can also find healthier alternatives to other fattening ingredients, such as butter and eggs.

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