Look Younger with a New Silicone Second Skin

You are what you look! Even if you are great at everything, if you don’t look how you want, you don’t feel your best. With the passage of time, our skin loses its glow and luster and starts showing fine lines, freckles, and wrinkles. All this only contributes to one thing and that is loss of confidence. Since science has been able to reach new heights, with the advent of technology, many new skincare solutions have been introduced.

The Silicone second skin is one such innovation, and it is already working wonders. People with wrinkly and sagging skin can now look younger in just a matter of moments using this formula. After all, it has been produced after extensive research for 5 years.

This new and instant cosmetic formula to look younger lasts for 24 hours and visibly reduces aging signs that have occurred with age, and it’s not only effective for people with aging issues, but also helps with several dermatological issues as well.

What Is Silicone Second Skin?

Harvard and MIIT scientists have come up with a transparent, silicone-based polymer that can be stretched onto the skin, to cover several skincare issues that occur over time. This polymer has proven extremely flexible, breathable, invisible and resistant to water.

Why Should You Consider Second Skin As Your Next Option To Look Younger?
Botox treatments, anti aging creams and serums are unquestionably good options to opt for in order to look younger, but you cannot consider them the best options. When you have a wearable mask-like polymer that you can stretch over your face and completely eliminate the appearance any fine lines and wrinkles, you know you have the perfect solution.

This polymer is elastic in nature and contains numerous cross-linked molecules that are worn on the skin without being visible at all. This silicone based second skin is applied in two stages, either as an ointment gel or cream. The reason why its application is based on two steps is that the first step is when the mixture is applied and the second is when a catalyst is used to harden the applied mixture so it becomes like a coating that stays on the skin for up to 24 hours.

The elasticity of this material is tested, thus those of you who want to try it can definitely be assured that there are no side effects. This material is tested to stretch by 250%, whilst the human skin can be stretched by about 180%.

For more information about Second Skin, visit BBC News Health.

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