The Top Non-Invasive Weight Loss Procedures

There are millions of weight loss methods available, but the most effective ones are surgical procedures. If you want to explore non-surgical weight loss methods, the only options you are left with are a strong lifestyle intervention or weight loss drugs. The former method requires a lot of determination, not to mention it’s time-consuming. The latter could easily be a bogus product, or worse, have severe side effects. But thanks to the innovative world of weight loss, there are many non-invasive weight loss procedures that have proven effective for a lot of people.

Zerona is a machine that stimulates fat cells through lasers. It works by creating a small hole in the membranes of fat cells from which the fat exits and the cell bounces back to a smaller size. People start seeing results in as few as two weeks. However, some people are left with saggy skin, which needed a whole new procedure to fix. A lot of clinics offer both fat burning and skin firming services. The overall procedure is completely painless.


The 3D LIPO is another of the non-invasive weight loss procedures that uses a combination of technologies to reduce fat and cellulite, without leaving behind saggy skin. The procedure consists of a low-frequency ultrasound done with a massage instrument. This procedure is supposed to break down fat cells. Then the procedure is continued with radio-frequency which tightens the skin. This part of the procedure is supposed to contract collagen fibers and stimulates production of new collagen, which makes the saggy skin elastic.

The last part of the procedure comprises of a vacuum therapy which further firms up the skin. The entire procedure is painless and the only uncomfortable part might be the ringing in your ears caused by the ultrasound. Other than weight loss, this procedure is also used to tighten facial skin.

The coolsculpting weight loss procedure freezes fat cells. These frozen fat cells become crystallized, at which point they become metabolized by our immune system. However, this treatment is only for those who are targeting small bulges of fat. So, in essence, it’s only for slim people who are trying to burn the last layer of fat on their stomach, upper arms, back or inner thighs. The procedure works as such that a curved machine, similar to a Hoover extension, is placed on the fat. The machine sucks on the skin and the person may feel a little cold, but not entirely uncomfortable.

When the suction is stopped, the area may look like a lump of red, frozen piece of sausage. The therapist will massage that lump to make it flat, which can be a little painful. For the next couple of weeks, the treated area will feel bruised but there will be no broken or discolored skin. This is a slow process, because the crystallized fat can take up to two months to break down. However, after the process is complete, the area will become more defined.

These are some of the best non-invasive weight loss procedures you can go for.

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