What To Do When You Can’t Sleep to Ensure You Get Enough Rest

Wondering what to do when you can’t sleep but still get enough rest? A poor night’s sleep could make you feel tired even before you start the day. Almost one in three people complain of sleepless nights. Sleep deprivation can have health implications, such as heart disease, poor concentration, lack of energy and appetite. If you are wondering what to do when you can’t sleep, here are a few tips to help you out:

No Caffeine before Going to Bed
Caffeine can cause difficulty in falling asleep. The caffeine you consume will stay in your bloodstream for almost 14 hours. If you have taken an espresso shot or energy drink a few hours before bedtime, you are likely to stay wired for many hours. So, avoiding caffeine before going to bed is a great way to ensure you get enough rest when you can’t sleep.

Eat Appropriately Before Sleeping
Your diet could also affect your sleeping cycle. A healthy diet will keep your metabolism balanced and aid your digestive system. You should eat proper meal portions because overeating can make you feel bloated and not eating enough will cause your stomach to rumble in the middle of the night. It is recommended that you eat at least four hours before bedtime to prevent sleep disturbances.

Build a Sleep Schedule
The first thing you have to practice is a consistent sleep schedule. You are unlikely to get a good night’s sleep if you nap at various times throughout the day. Building a proper sleep schedule takes some time but will eventually help you sleep properly. Wake up at the same time every morning, preferably before 9 am, and go to bed at night at the same time every day, preferably before 10 pm. Eventually your body will get used to this cycle and you will be able to sleep 8 hours a night without waking up.

Create an Environment for Sleep
Do not fall asleep watching a movie on your couch and then wonder why you can’t sleep properly. Make sure you are sleeping in an environment that is designed for sleeping. Adjust the temperature of your room so you don’t wake up from being too hot or too cold. Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. Use a sleeping eye mask and earplugs so that bright lights or noise won’t disturb your sleep. If you are experiencing chronic pain or side effects from your regular medications, consult with your doctor. If you are aware of what disturbs your sleep, you will be better able to fix your sleeping situation.

Omit All Distractions When Sleeping
Your bed should only be for sleeping. Put away all electronics, put your phone on silent and turn off your TV. If you feel that watching a movie or listening to music will help you sleep, you are not training yourself for a healthy sleeping routine. Make subtle changes to associate your bed for sleeping only.

So, these are a few ways you can get enough rest without having to think about what to do when you can’t sleep.

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