How to Achieve a Younger Looking Neck

As our age creeps up in years, we try to forget this irreversible trend, but a quick glance in the mirror and our neck seems to betray the age secret. Many people sense their neck looks older than they feel and try numerous tricks to achieve a younger looking neck. Here are some tips to prevent a saggy and wrinkled neck to unchain you from those awful grandmotherly high collared blouses and get you shopping for stylish clothing you can wear confidently:

Collagen-ate Your Neck
If you have browsed the cream aisle at your local pharmacy, you will have read collagen on a number of those bottles, but what is this chemical. Does it really help you improve your skin and does it give you a younger looking neck? In short the answer is yes, it’s a skin maintaining protein produced by your body. Collagen is the protein responsible for making our skin look taut. However, as we age, collagen in our skin collapses.

There are a few methods you can utilize to increase collagen production to counter age’s natural tendencies. You can eat food rich in Vitamin C, a critical nutrient for the production of collagen in your body. Among food choices, vitamin C is best found in citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, bell peppers and berries. If for some reason you can’t get enough vitamin C, you can take a 2.5g daily collagen supplement.

Slather Down
We are constantly buying creams to help keep our face young and ensuring we put sufficient sunscreen lotion when we go out, but our propensity for concern tends to stop at the face. Then, we wonder why we don’t have a younger looking neck. The thinnest skin on your body is on your neck, making it the most vulnerable to damage. The creams that work for your face will also help moisturize and help keep the skin on your neck fresh and young. Sunscreen should also be applied generously on your neck. The Environmental Protection Agency claims over 90% of the observable skin damage is due to the sun, so an easy fix is to protect yourself from those devastating rays.

Run Younger
A study conducted last year at McMaster University in Canada revealed that exercise can more than just delay aging. It can actually reverse the process, at least when it comes to how your skin looks. The research looked at a few different skin and exercise related issues, but the one which stood out was a group of 65-year old women with sedentary lifestyles and average 65-year old looking skin of people who took on moderate physical exercise for the three-month study. The skin samples analyzed after the exercise plan were similar to those of 20 to 40 year olds. A 20 to 40-year skin reversal! What more evidence do you need to motivate you to run on the treadmill?

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