The Easiest, Yet Most Effective Indoor Workouts

Some days you want to exercise, but you may be having a really hectic time and can’t get to your gym. Maybe the weather outside is really not inviting. You may just be in a financial crunch and are looking for any way to pinch a few bucks, so your gym membership is the casualty. In any of these cases, there are simple and effective indoor workouts you can perform at home without any heavy equipment.

1. Jumping Jacks were a fun pastime when we were kids, but now they can form a great base for your indoor workouts. They are great for your cardio and really, you can even do them while watching TV. What? You can’t follow your program while jumping up and down. Okay, no worries! There’s always the commercial break to get busy.

2. The plank is another great exercise in general, but it’s even better if you are short on time. Adding this to your indoor workouts will help you develop your core muscles. It’s really easy to do as well. Just get in a regular push-up stance with arms extended and hold your position for as long as you can. If you are new to this, start with 30 seconds and add extra time daily.

3. Another childhood memory you can revive is with a good old jump rope. This is no longer a toy for little boys and girls. This is some serious workout equipment. After all these years, jumping rope may feel awkward at first, but you will soon get the hang of it. It can be an intense cardio workout and does a terrific job on your calves as well.

4. Insert some weights in the form of dumbbells to add some resistance to your workout. Use dumbbells for some shoulder, back and arm strength training. No dumbbells at home? Just get creative. Fill up some water bottles or if that’s too easy, try the milk jug! Keep adding water as your muscle strength improves.

5. YouTube is a treasure mine of workouts. There are exercise routines that can pretty much satisfy any specific need you want to fulfill. You can even mix up workouts to prevent your routine from becoming too boring.

Indoor workouts are always possible when you are stuck at home, can’t get to the gym or the weather simply won’t permit you to exercise outdoors. Now you don’t have an excuse for skipping out on your scheduled activity.

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