Turn Back the Clock with These 5 Energizing Exercises

It is a proven fact now that you can improve your health and agility at the same time by exercising. Also, age is just a number when it comes to working out. People who are on the wrong side of 50 usually feel shy about hitting the gym, as most of the people they meet there are much younger. But this doesn’t at all mean that you cannot exercise. In fact, you can retain your health for a long, long time if you keep exercising regularly, even when you are ‘senior’. To make things easier for you, here is a look at 5 energizing exercises via which you can turn back the clock:

Step Forward and Raise
An easy exercise to start, you will need a weight, up to 3 kg for this exercise. Stand straight and keep your feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with one leg, keeping the other leg in place. Lift the weight and raise it to your shoulder height. Keep your back straight and bring the weight lower. Step back and get into the original position. Repeat.

Supported Lunge
Another exercise through which you can turn back the clock is the supported lunge. You will need a stick for this. Grab the stick and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your weight on the stick with your right hand and lunge forward with your left leg, bringing it closer to the support. Lower your other knee, going as low as you can. Take a slight pause and then return to original position.

Pick Up and Press
Use a medicine ball for this workout. Stand straight and place the ball between your feet. Then, squat as you lift the ball with both hands. Bring it up to your chest height and take it all the way over your head. Keep your back straight and bring it back down again. Repeat.

Bench Squat
Use a chair so you can perform the bench squat at home. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your back to the chair. Perform a squat, such that your backside is in alignment with the chair so you can sit as you lower yourself. Sit only for a moment before raising yourself again.

One-Arm Row
This exercise for turning back the clock is for the gym, or you can perform it at home using a resistance band. Attach the band on a solid anchor, at chest height. Pull the band with one arm, with your shoulder lower and elbow higher. Repeat this with the other arm.

These are the 5 best energizing exercises through which you can turn back the clock.

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