Eating Plenty of Leafy Greens Could Prevent Mental Deterioration

We are nothing but a mere reflection of our habits. Things we eat will decide how well we live. If you are facing a lot of health problems, then you must realize you’re doing something wrong, which is creating many health problems. If you consume a lot of processed foods, the chemicals in these food items will naturally have an effect on your health. Gradually, over the years, these chemical laden foods that are processed until they lose all nutrition value take a toll on your health.

You soon realize you cannot focus all that easily and your attention span is no longer what is used to be. You also find yourself tired all the time, which makes you want to reach for food. Convenience foods are processed to extend their shelf life, which also kills any nutritional value they contain. When you feel tired and require a ‘pick me up’, you automatically reach for foods that do not provide you any nutrition and also cause an adverse reaction in your body. All in all, it is nothing but a vicious cycle that keeps you reaching for foods that worsen your health problems.

When this problem became widespread, health experts sought out what was causing these problems. Many studies later, they realized that a lack of nutrition because of the quality of the food we eat is the cause of the mental deterioration we experience. Surprisingly, people do not realize that their diet is having an adverse reaction on their mental health. They continue to make foods that are convenient a part of their diet, neglecting home cooked meals and fresh, whole foods.

When these same experts looked at ways in which mental deterioration can be reversed, they came up with the hypothesis that adding more nutrient-rich foods to the meal may lead to reversal of the damage and prevent further damage. As it turns out, they were right. They started adding green leafy vegetables to the diet for people under observation and it soon became obvious that the mental power of the subjects being researched improve considerably over time. As much as one serving of vegetables a day helps improve mental power.

These leafy vegetables, such as kale, spinach, lettuce, collards, and so on proved to hold within them the capability to regenerate the mental capacity of a person. Similarly, by simply adding more greens to your diet, you can keep mental deterioration at bay and improve your thinking power as well as decision making capabilities. Leafy green vegetables, due to being rich in nutrients, also helped improve attention span as well as the ability to focus.

This should come as no surprise due to the fact that our food is fuel for the body and if we provide our body with healthy and nutrient rich vegetables, we will be able to function better and lead a healthier life.

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