How to Be Proactive to Help Slow Mental Decline

Latest studies show that an extensive program of healthy eating, working out, and brain exercises can slow cognitive decline. A research in Finland involving 1260 people with risk of dementia showed that the participants, who were part of a one year comprehensive health plan, had 25% better mental functioning test results than those who received standard health advice.

Some results were far more prominent and regulated thought processes effectively. The group who followed the health plan had 83% better test results and their processing rate was 150% higher. The partakers will be under observation for another 7 years to comprehend if dementia follows reduction in their mental decline. Older research shows that there is a link between old age and factors such as cardiovascular health and fitness. These results proved that better cardiovascular health and mental activeness slow decline and benefit memory in the long run.

The advised diet contained high quantities of vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. The partakers in the experiment were encouraged to consume fish at least thrice a week, reduce alcohol intake to 5% and sugar ingestion to 10% of their everyday caloric intake. Each participant’s life was under careful observation before making these recommendations.

Participants took part in aerobic exercise at least five times a week and in a muscle building program thrice a week. Physiotherapists at a fitness center guided this training. Brain exercises to preserve information and sharpen cognitive skills included the use of web-based computer programs. Programs that arbitrate managed trials were effective for building cognitive abilities. Mentally challenging activities can enhance the functionality of the brain.

Your stomach is the pathway to your brain. Good foods contain molecules that neutralize harmful radicals that are unhealthy for your brain. High antioxidant content in food fights free radicals that disintegrate neurons in our brain. The blood flow to the brain reduces by 20% as people age. Poor eating habits cause cholesterol and blood sugar levels to rise and may damage brain cells, resulting in impairment of brain functionality.

Brain exercises to boost reasoning expertise and memory skills reduced the risk of mental decline in the elderly, establishing that intellectual skills can strengthen the mind in the same way physical exercise toughens up the body. The benefits of brain workouts are numerous. These brain workouts raise your IQ level and make you smarter. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, and practicing brain exercises don’t only help keep your memory healthy but also keep you stay fit physically, providing more than one benefit.

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