Foods to Feel Younger: What to Avoid and What to Enjoy

As soon as you get to your thirties, the worries of aging start eating your mind. They keep nagging on and off, and you wish you could delay aging. Well, who doesn’t want to be younger?
But why let age affect the way you look and feel? It’s not something you can only fantasize about. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, as there are foods to feel younger that keep you from aging and help you restore the feeling of youth.

What to Avoid?

It’s true: you are what you eat. You can speed up the process of aging with a few bad habits. These habits are a part of our lifestyle and, without even knowing, we are damaging ourselves from the inside. These are the foods that do you more harm than good and should be avoided at all cost:

Red Meat and Full-Fat Dairy Products

Research conducted by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that the fat we obtain from red meat and full-fat dairy speeds up the aging process. These fats affect the cognitive ability of the brain, causing the brain to age faster than usual.

Extra Salt

A pinch of salt is fine, but consuming it in excess quantities is akin to opening the gates to aging. Salt is the culprit that dehydrates your body quickly as well as causes damage to the kidneys, increasing blood pressure and disturbs bone metabolism.

Over-Consumption of Sugar

Most of us have a sweet tooth and enjoy sugary confections. Candies, chocolates, or whatever the form is—we all have a love affair with sweets. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s just one-sided love as sugar is harmful for collagen, eventually damaging your skin, and the only thing you are getting in return is wrinkles.

What to Enjoy?

If the above list makes you think that the recipe to live and feel younger is to deny all the eating pleasures, then you are only making quick judgments. Hold on, there is a long list of foods to feel younger; you can enjoy these while delaying aging:

  • Avocado – Avocado helps you combat aging with the highly effective antioxidant oleic acid, which prevents cancer and increases longevity.
  • Pecans – These nuts keep your heart healthy, assisting you in staying younger, as they contain antioxidants that make your mind sharp and add more years to your life.
  • Broccoli – Enriched with lignans, it supports your dreams to stay young. Lignans boost immunity and help maintain mental efficiency.
  • Cucumbers – Cucumbers can help you stay hydrated, which is essential to keep your skin looking young. Loaded with silica, cucumbers helps in the growth of bones, joints, and connective tissue, all of which are important for delaying aging.
  • Berries – Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries: whichever you like, berries are going to be essential in making you feel young because of the high amount of antioxidants present in them.

The list doesn’t end there. There are plenty more foods to feel younger, which are high in antioxidants, that you can try.

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