Low Impact Workouts That Build Strength and Boost Weight Loss

Research has pointed out the fact that moderate intensity, low impact workouts—including fast walking and yoga—are equally effective as the high impact activities—including running—in promoting weight loss, building strength, and lowering the risk of heart diseases.

Low impact workouts are advisable for the following groups of people:

Pregnant women
Individuals who have injured their connective tissues, bones, or joints.
Individuals who are faced with chronic problems, including stress fracture, osteoporosis, and arthritis
Individuals who are overweight
Individuals who are new to exercise

Some low impact workouts include:


Walking is recognized as the most popular and effective low impact workout. Not only does it help you lose weight but it also helps in gaining strength. Walking is known to burn calories and exercise the cardiovascular system.


Cycling is also among the low impact exercises that promote weight loss. It is an aerobic exercise known to work the cardiovascular system along with the lower body. However, to gain the maximum benefits from this low impact exercise, it is important that you choose the right bike size and ensure that the handlebars and saddle are at the right height. It is advisable that you start slowly and then increase the length of the cycling sessions gradually.

Power Yoga

Yoga builds strength and keeps you fit by means of a series of breathing exercises and postures. Yoga, apart from building strength, is also beneficial for developing flexibility and balance. Power yoga also boosts calorie burn and is equally good if you are looking to lose weight. It is a total workout that imparts strength to the body. Power yoga uses oxygen and works out your whole body, which burns a large number of calories in the process.

Nordic Walking

The positive aspects of Nordic walking include its suitability for all fitness levels and ages as well as the fact that it is easy on the joints. Nordic walk classes range from gentle workouts for individuals who face health issues to intense walks that help tone the whole body, boost weight loss, and improve fitness.


Swimming is another effective, low impact workout for the whole body. This imparts strength and trims and tones up the body. Swimming also helps you lose weight if you swim at a continuous and steady pace throughout the swimming session. It is a good aerobic workout as well.

These low impact workouts ensure that you get all the benefits of working out—i.e., lose weight, stay in shape, build strength, and stay healthy.

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