Exercise Helps Dialysis Patients Physically and Mentally

Many dialysis patients lead their lives in despair, thinking they cannot exercise at all, while the fact of the matter is that a majority of dialysis patients can exercise after consulting their doctors and by following their instructions. Many renal patients have considered exercise as the stepping stone to feeling normal again after they were put on dialysis treatments.
Getting into motion, even if it is merely for a short period of time every day, can drastically help patients with chronic kidney disease to experience feel-good emotions and to be more in charge of their physical health. According to medical professionals working in renal rehabs, a regular exercise regime, designed with consideration of the health and physical condition of a patient, is sure not only to enhance the patient’s physical state but also to improve overall mental behavior in terms of adopting a better approach toward life.

Physical and Mental Benefits

One of the reasons why many dialysis patients believe they will be unable to exercise is the belief that they are simply too weak to do anything. For this reason, it is always a good idea to begin exercising by stretching first. A good stretch can be done safely by all dialysis patients as it’s an excellent way to increase blood flow to the body parts that are actively working when you are exercising. Patients can stretch their legs, arms, and back before going for a walk or performing any other routine. When done the right way, stretching cuts down on cramping and helps you gain more energy.

A dialysis patient doesn’t need to follow the exercise routine of an athlete. It is best to start slowly and then increase the pace as endurance builds with time. Just 15 to 20 minutes a day, three times a week, can show drastic improvements in the patient’s overall health. As mentioned before, maintaining a regular exercise routine must include consultation with your doctor first. Only then can you exercise safely and enjoy the many benefits it offers you.

Exercise can also encourage kidney disease patients to regain strength for carrying out activities they enjoyed doing before being diagnosed. Of course, this does not only prove beneficial physically but also emotionally. Even if it’s getting back to work, successfully performing household chores, or resuming a healthy married life, patients express feelings of being back to themselves when they start accomplishing simple goals due to the positive effects of exercise. So, it is quite clear that dialysis patients can benefit greatly from exercise.

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