The Most Effective Eco-Friendly Skincare and Makeup Brands

There are many environmentalists who are reluctant to use any skincare or makeup products. There are mainly two reasons for this. The first and foremost reason is the harm most products inflict upon the environment. Secondly, the products that are available in the market that are labeled as environmentally friendly tend not to be effective. In fact, these products may do more harm to the skin than good.

This is why finding an effective eco-friendly skincare and makeup product is a challenge. Fortunately, there are quite a few companies that provide quality products without harming the environment. Not only are these products effective but they are also easy to use and do not have any side effects. Let’s look at the most effective eco-friendly skincare and makeup brands.


Giovanni is a renowned brand that manufactures all types of skincare and makeup products. This company takes pride in offering skincare products at affordable prices. In addition to the products being cost-effective, they are extremely effective for your skin and provide excellent results. One of the most famous products manufactured by Giovanni is the Hydrate body lotion. This product is priced reasonably and is environmentally friendly. Not only will you be able to give your skin a soft feel but you will also be conserving the environment when you use this product.

Juice Beauty

Products that give your skin a radiant glow are often the ones that harm the environment the most. They harm the environment not only when they are being used but also once they are disposed of. However, the Green Apple Peel by Juice Beauty is nothing like the conventional products available on the market. The manufacturer has formulated this peel specifically to be environmentally friendly. The best part is that this product does not contain any harmful chemicals. Most peels use chemicals that provide great results in the short term but harm your skin over time.


Avalon is a company dedicated to manufacturing effective eco-friendly skincare and makeup products. Their facial toner with vitamin C is worth using occasionally. The best part about this toner is the complete absence of products that cause irritation. Due to this quality of the Avalon Facial toner, it is not only environmentally friendly but also effective. There are many satisfied customers who have claimed that they have seen a vast improvement in their skin after they used this product.

There are quite a few effective eco-friendly skincare and makeup products and brands. If you are trying to be environmentally conscientious, you should consider using such products.

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