Foundation Tricks for a Youthful Look

When it comes to makeup it is hard to tell whether you are achieving that youthful look you are after or if you are caking it on. Many people have had to go through the cake face look before finding out the foundation tricks for a youthful look. Now you don’t have to, you can learn all the foundation tricks you need to know for a youthful look. It is important to know your skin type, that way you can match products to you, rather than buying something that will make your skin problems worse. You should also have a pretty good idea of what you can change in your routine to improve your complexion. These things play a role in the way you obtain a youthful look through foundation.

What is your skin type?

Knowing your skin type is important so you can choose the right moisturizer and foundation tricks for your skin type. Here is an easy way to tell which one you are:

People with OILY SKIN tend to have enlarged pores, dull, shiny, thick complexion, black heads, pimples, or other blemishes.

The best way to treat OILY SKIN is to wash the face no more than 2x per day and after you sweat heavily. When washing use a gentle cleanser and don’t scrub. Make sure you don’t pick, pop, or squeeze, pimples. If you can try to use products labeled non comedogenic, as they do not clog pores.

People with DRY SKIN will generally have invisible pores, dry, dull, or rough looking skin, red patches, less elasticity, more visible lines.
In order to take care of DRY SKIN you should take shorter showers and baths no more than once per day. While in the shower you should avoid scrubbing, also while toweling off. You should use mild, gentle soaps and cleansers- avoid deodorant soaps in the shower. Make sure to apply rich moisturizer after bathing- ointments and creams may work better for dry skin but are messier. Don’t forget to apply moisturizers as needed throughout the day. You can use a humidifier and don’t let inside temperatures get too hot.

People that have NORMAL SKIN show no or few imperfections. They also have no sensitivities, barely visible pores, and a radiant complexion.

People with COMBINATION SKIN may have overly dilated pores, blackheads, or shiny skin.

People who have SENSITIVE SKIN tend to have redness, itching, burning, or dryness.


Always use sunscreen uva and uvb. Many foundations and powders will have this to some degree. People who have youthful skin don’t smoke. You should consider this when trying to appear more youthful. For your health and appearance you should always keep hydrated. You should wash your skin well everyday, and do not go to sleep wearing make up. Moisturize your skin everyday, all over, to help your skin keep its elasticity. Wear gloves when cleaning, using solvents, or household detergents.

When you use foundation tricks to appear more youthful, the key is to not cake everything on. You want to first apply your moisturizer with sunscreen. Then if you are using a liquid foundation you may want to put a tiny bit of it on your hand and swab it on your face in different areas, then take a big foundation/blush brush and work it in using circular motions. Do not forget to blend it into your jawline and neck to avoid having discoloration. Then take your concealer or corrector and dab onto any blemishes, age or dark spots, and under the eye area. Take a smaller concealer/blush brush and work in the concealer.

If you choose to use a power foundation, you can either use the puff that comes inside the foundation, or a brush. Either way you are going to need to blend it out with a brush in the end anyway. If you have oily skin, you may consider using the liquid foundation with the powder as well. This makes skin appear less shiny. So, apply the compact foundation to the face making sure to include the jawline and neck. Then take a big foundation brush and make circular motions to blend. The blending should conclude your foundation routine.

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