Boost Senior Weight Loss

As a Senior you expect to gain some weight as your metabolism slows down and you are more tired. If that’s your thought process, you are selling yourself short. Just because things are slowing down doesn’t mean you are doomed to uncontrollable weight gain. Instead if you just change a couple little things each day you can stay the same healthy weight or drop excess pounds. It is possible to boost senior weight loss, with just a couple modifications to lifestyle.

If you are someone who has a disability, or prone to falling and injury, it is best to get a life coach or personal trainer. Also, make sure you talk with your doctors before starting any new diet or exercise program. If you have certain conditions it is very helpful to look up some foods that are healing to people with your condition. The same goes with exercise. Before determining whether you are in need of weight loss, or to tell how much you need to lose, it’s best to first calculate your BMI.

Determine your BMI by doing the following first thing in the morning. Weigh yourself, measure your height in inches, multiply your weight by 700, then divide that by your height. Now, divide that answer by your height again. For example someone who is 5ft or 60 inches who weighs 140 lbs would calculate their BMI like so:


So the BMI of this person would be 27.22 which is considered overweight. The way to tell what your BMI means is by looking at the following:

30 or more is obese
25-29.9 is overweight
18.5-24.9 is a healthy weight
18.5 or less is under weight

Modifications in your diet can boost senior weight loss, while eating regularly and at generally the same time each day makes a load of difference. In each meal you should be having 24-28 grams of fiber for women and 38-42 grams of fiber for men in order to boost senior weight loss.. Fiber rich foods will help you lose and keep off excess weight. Also it’s important to know you are not going to eat the same amount of calories you did when you were younger. Women 50 or older should have 1600, while men over 50 should have 2000 calories, these are approximations based on activity level averages. If you are active have 200 calories more.

Next it is important to modify your exercise routine. When trying to prevent gain have about 30-60 minutes of physical activity per day on most days of the week. For boosting senior weight loss have 60-90 minutes of activity per day, daily. Keep in mind that all exercises do not have to be done at one time. Most seniors preferred weight loss method is either walking or swimming. Using weights (2-5 lbs to start) daily for a few minutes will increase muscle mass and help boost weight loss. It also provides the added bonus of preventing falls.

So if you are finding yourself slowing down, maybe starting to get on the heavier side, remember it is not too late to start being healthy. Filling your diet with as much healthy, fresh, and various fruits and vegetables as you possibly can will boost your senior weight loss. When starting exercise remember not to over do anything, and for seniors it is most beneficial to use weights for a few minutes daily. Also, to do low impact exercise like yoga or tai chi. Little changes will make a great deal of difference, also make sure you are getting a general idea of your calorie intake. Just because things slow down a little does not mean you have to.

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