Top 10 Most Romantic Villa Rentals in Mexico 

We love to travel, and Mexico is one of our favorite places to vacation. Not only is it a gorgeous place to take a luxury vacation, its most romantic villa rentals make it perfect for a couples getaway. Whether you’re on your honeymoon or you’re looking for the perfect romantic escape together, renting a private villa can easily provide the experience you want.

The most romantic villa rentals in Mexico will bring you more privacy and space and a more personalized vacation than even the best hotels can provide. Their experience is comparable to having an all-inclusive resort or a boutique hotel all to yourself. Read More

These Hidden Seaside Resorts in Mexico are Perfect for Stress Relief

Peter and I recently fell in love with one of the best seaside resorts and sunny travel destinations in Mexico we’ve ever visited. It made me think about the various hidden gems that must be tucked throughout the country. There are a lot of different types of Mexican vacations that you can take, depending on your tastes. I personally like to go for stress relief by escaping somewhere luxurious that also offers a few adventures and curiosities amidst my days of shopping among local artisans, tasting traditional foods and just sprawling out on the beach for a some vitamin D.

I know there are a lot more adventurous and sporty possibilities out there, but for me, relaxation and stress relief is at the center of pretty much all my vacation planning. At first, when we were looking for seaside resorts in Mexico, we would check the obvious places such as Cancun’s massive hotel zone. Read More

3 Sunny Travel Destinations on My Bucket List This Year

Now that Peter and I have returned from Mexico where we stayed on the stunning Nayarit beaches, I am able to cross off an important part of my sunny travel destinations bucket list. When it comes to sunny travel destinations, there are three that I’d added to my list and that I’ve made a priority of visiting.

There are many different places I want to see in the world, but when it comes to the winter, I’d like to stick to destinations that are sunny and warm. There’s a reason Peter and I moved to Miami when we retired – we’re not fans of months upon months of freezing weather.

There are other places on my bucket list that I’d like to visit in the summer, but in the winter, I insist on keeping things sunny. Read More

Why I Decided to Take VISIPRO 20-20 to Maintain Healthy Eyes

I’m one of those people who seems to have naturally healthy eyes. I have a pair of reading glasses, but my eye pressures are good, I don’t appear to have signs of age related macular degeneration and glaucoma isn’t in my family. Still, I know that this is rare and that it doesn’t mean that I’m immune to eye health problems, especially with age.

Until recently, my main strategy for keeping my eyes healthy has been to wear sunglasses when I’m out in the sunlight, drink plenty of water and eat fish a couple of times per week. Essentially, they’re the types of thing I was already doing to keep up my health overall and to stop myself from getting wrinkles from squinting in the sun.

It wasn’t until a very close friend of mine was told that she had early signs of age related macular degeneration that I began thinking about doing more. It was detected on a test she’d taken as a part of her regular optometrist appointments. She was told to pay attention to her diet, but the optometrist also advised that she take one of the most recommended eye health supplements on a daily basis. Read More